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Name Players Map Type     Version IP
Afaction 2/32 World of Cubes 2 DM   D PF
Run Map Central 0/32 Invertus Run -testbeta DM   D PF
Afaction-Boom 0/18 Grey Matter DM   D PF | Instagib - Rail Only 0/32 Checkmate CTF   D DF | Join the Community! 0/32 P.I.B. Warzone (RC1) DM   D DF
Afaction-Match TDM 0/32 One to the Dome TeamDM P D PF
Afaction-Match Rail 0/32 Office Space DM P D PF
Afaction-Match CTF 0/18 Warlords CTF P D PF
Afaction-Micro 0/18 MicroFaction2 [theatre wrecks] DM   D PF
Afaction-Run 0/32 Clan Tag Run DM   D PF
RedFaction - Ultra 0/32 SWA-Plunge DM   D PF
Terminators 0/32 RF MatriX DM   D PF
Legend - New York Match 0/18 Rail Fight CTF P D PF
Legend - Capture the Flag 0/32 Warlords CTF   D PF
Legend - Classic DM 0/32 Hermis DM   D PF
Legend - Rail 0/32 Lost in Space CTF   D PF
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